Plants, plants, plants!

Can we share some of our favorite plants with you?  Waldorf and I are very serious about visiting our plant friends at the botanical gardens.   If it has been too long since seeing them, my braid, Waldorf's ears, and their leaves droop and wilt.  I think.  

Here is a special list of some special plants:


A glorious, marvelous, stupendous day for painting outside!

We all took a trip and went plein air painting!

What does plein air painting mean?  It means to paint out "in the open air".  So basically we took our crayons, colored pencils, and paints outside to create art all day in the sunshine.  

Here's what Waldof and I did:

Here's what Kati Hites did (our author, illustrator): 

Be honest, who paints best?  I think she won't be upset if you pick us... we understand. 

At least we tried...

It was another foggy evening in the bay area.

What happens when one astronomer has her head in the clouds, and her partner-side-kick astronomer is afraid of the dark?  Not much.  Well, not much stargazing, anyhow.   We ended up having hot chocolate and doggy treats instead-- almost as fun.  

We did get to see a video of it, thanks to NASA!  It turns out that the not-so-little asteroid has its own moon! 

Click here to see a video of the asteroid and its moon.